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  1. Posted by ijustwannaliveaquietlive, — Reply

    Why the fck would you give your ex money. I mean she is your freaking ex and why the fck does yo girl need so much. Doesn't she have a job her own

  2. Posted by kelseymuick, — Reply

    depends why they need it. like if they needed the money to buy shoes vs if they needed it to cover a lifesaving surgery for their new puppy who was just hit by a car

  3. Posted by joslingriedel, — Reply

    A girlfriend, wipes tear

  4. Posted by hopefaithgrace2016, — Reply

    I don't have a girl so $400

  5. Posted by daughterofsammy315, — Reply

    none i gave $200 to both

  6. Posted by thatoneanimeweeb, — Reply


  7. Posted by icewatchwoah, — Reply

    ex? she can get fucked but my new girl, she can get a hunnid lol

  8. Posted by arienubianqueen, — Reply


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