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  1. Posted by cabin5baddie, — Reply

    Yep....that would be us (American festivals are full of fuckin pusses) but I don’t know if this makes me proud to be a Brit or ashamed

  2. Posted by eoinsmythers, — Reply

    Ahh the brits thinking they have it bad, Irish festivals get INTENSE. You go for a three day weekend with your tent and some money and you come home with two black eyes a criminal conviction hepatitis A and a bag of cannabis potatoes

  3. Posted by dutifullydarkstarlight, — Reply

    Bro that chick has not been to interesting festivals then,, when the eclipse happened (my town was in the path and we got a bunch of visitors) there was a Chinese couple there to give birth and uhhh it was kinda horrifying

  4. Posted by felisrose, — Reply

    This girls lying. Festivals are more like warzones in the US. The worst thing you'll probably see is mass genocide because some white kid has untreated "mental illness".

  5. Posted by pantisu_chan, — Reply

    Teens smoking pot at a *children's* 4th of July fireworks party, literally right behind the officer. The cop just looked at em like 😒 but didn't do anything I- Edit: this is in america, when pot was very much illegal 👀

  6. Posted by cherreka_w, — Reply

    Not even gonna argue, I'm just gonna let y'all British have this one. You can claim to have the nastiest people. I don't want that.

  7. Posted by bewareunicorns, — Reply

    My dad works at a lot of festivals and similar events so we often get free tickets and he always points out to us where all the snipers are hidden in trees or nearby buildings

  8. Posted by neuhausmandy1, — Reply

    I actually really like festivals... 😅 people stop acting after rules. But isn't it a part of being on a festival? Music, camping and that.. (without sexual abuse or hurting someone of course)

  9. Posted by aldermason, — Reply

    ... as a US bartender i see worse shit ever shift than spitting so idk wtf bias they selected for this... hell, walking down the street of even a halfway decent sized town u see worse let alone a proper festival.

  10. Posted by DrPhoenixYT, — Reply

    I have an American friend who sometimes goes to festivals and he's seen people get stabbed, smashed over the head with glass bottles, people selling or distributing drugs and even cops shooting an innocent black guy

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