This Homemade Face Mask Tightens Your Skin Better Than Botox - She Made by Grace


Give this 3 ingredients face mask a try and look years younger. Looking younger, doesn’t have to cost so much anymore. Plastic surgery is also a very costly solutions and we definitely don’t recommend it, however, the following all natural homemade mask will help you lose a few years off your face. You will look…


  1. Posted by doilartcollect, — Reply

    Botox actually relaxes the muscles for a smoother appearance rather than “tighten” the writer of this article obviously isn’t that bright and doesn’t know the difference.

  2. Posted by doilartcollect, — Reply

    I think the poor thing was confused, this was her great great granny’s pie recipe, not to put on your face. Just pour all ingredients into prebaked pie shell, bake on 350 degrees for 35 mins.

  3. Posted by callmesusie, — Reply

    Two of these ingredients used in DIY masks are ones dermatologists say to avoid: lemon and egg. Lemon can cause an inflammatory skin reaction and raw egg, a bacterial infection - hello, salmonella!

  4. Posted by kferrell72, — Reply

    Instructions on the page: 1 egg white 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice Whip the egg white until frothy Add coconut oil and juice and mix well. Wash face and pat dry then add the mixture. Leave on for 15 minutes and rince.

  5. Posted by anneasypeasy, — Reply

    do not put lemon juice on your face like ever. and if you put coconut oil on your face you better go in with a real good cleanser to get that off your face. don't let it sit unless you want clogged pores

  6. Posted by akovac0241, — Reply I use this product and I found its worked wonders for my skin, hair joints nails etc. has type two collagen and works from inside out. Absolutely love this product.

  7. Posted by mleighjohnson1, — Reply

    Thanks for posting and getting me this info. I will be trying this...... I don't need anybody else replying negatively to my comment, I've read all the comments and replied to none of them only to the post itself! Thanks again😊

  8. Posted by nightbaja, — Reply

    This is the recipe to destroy your skin and cause permanent damage. Don’t put citrus, coconut oil, and physical exfoliates on your skin.

  9. Posted by tamstamm, — Reply

    I know for sure egg whites work , cause as it drys the skin on ur face and neck start tightening and then after you feel it tightening and it completely drys wipe it off with a hand towel with hot water omg it feels great and looks good ..

  10. Posted by ameliaskawinski, — Reply

    Lemon juice and all citrus juices are horrible for the skin. With exposure to the sun, they can make your skin very sensitive.

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