Sounds like Lizzie is living the life


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  1. Posted by shreya7gowda, — Reply

    darling, if you overhear your disembodied voice shouting, "i can hear you," you've got slightly bigger problems than your antisocial tendencies.

  2. Posted by Turo_oikawa, — Reply

    omg this is me and that happened my mom was mad at me so she told me "GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM AND GO SITE WITH YOUR BROTHERS" XD

  3. Posted by lyssaloumack, — Reply

    I sent this to my dad saying it was me and he responded with "Lol. You're not that bad. You go downstairs too, not just in your room." I mean he's not wrong, but still

  4. Posted by 25lohuse, — Reply

    I wish that this would happen, but I go through my books to fast. People need to stop making books so short. MAKE A BOOK THAT IS LONG BECAUSE IT COMBINES WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A SERIES INTO ONE BOOK!!! Quick reading problems fixed. :)

  5. Posted by annakatec18, — Reply

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  6. Posted by shytuck, — Reply

    I never really get into trouble unless I make a bad grade but my parents often come into my room or yell my name to make sure I am still alive

  7. Posted by 2025cmaitland, — Reply

    my mom tells me to sit with my ex boyfriend when i'm in trouble because i am always in my mom said i'm a mistake -_-...i want to dieee

  8. Posted by clairepotter2020, — Reply

    This is the last thing my dad and brother said about me behind my back before I beat their asses because I am only up in my room 9 1/2 /10% of the time

  9. Posted by cadencedolphy, — Reply

    me my whole life is like almost my whole life is in my room, as long as I can bring my phone in. ive got my bed, my books, secret candy stashes, and my laptop. so every time I got grounded I was just like BYE BITCHES

  10. Posted by NiskaJustNiska, — Reply

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