Ice Cube On Face: 15 Beauty Benefits


Summer can be terrible for your skin. Especially when you see all that healthy glow melting away with the sweat, and no beauty hack seems to work out. Ladies, do you know that you’ve got the ultimate weapon for all your beauty woes lying right in your freezer?


  1. Posted by iamsurkhpuria1029, — Reply

    Did anybody here whose face skin get dark after using ice on the face because my skin got dark 💔

  2. Posted by mhic_0420, — Reply

    I do it for a couple of months now..My acne skin became glowy

  3. Posted by jenny_esk, — Reply

    I do it every night

  4. Posted by goosiemcgoose, — Reply

    *screams in skincare by hyram doesn’t approve*

  5. Posted by sofiaalex1213, — Reply

    Will from stranger things.... anyone else

  6. Posted by cristydjr, — Reply

    good tips

  7. Posted by zuniaziz, — Reply

    I do not use it now

  8. Posted by eylissamoore9, — Reply

    Why she putting ice on her face when she got makeup on?

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