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  1. Posted by stricklergirl, — Reply

    OMG! It worked. There were charcoal stains (long story) and wood stain in the carpet of the trunk of my car. It's not perfect (wood stain was really old) but it looks 100% better.

  2. Posted by saraemily0, — Reply

    Mostly works. Still have some residue left and the upholstery doesn't look new or anything but definitely looks better.

  3. Posted by dlesmeister63, — Reply

    I would think 1/2 cup of Dawn would be too soapy, leave too much soap residue to attract more dirt .... ?

  4. Posted by benrolen, — Reply

    Just buy upholstery cleaner probably works better, is more easy, and probably cheaper overall.

  5. Posted by randski1582, — Reply

    I would think with all of the Dawn it would be Impossible to get it out. It would be soapy all over.

  6. Posted by 1234lenora1234, — Reply

    Does anyone have tips for leather/faux leather seats?

  7. Posted by millerbb18, — Reply

    It totally works, huge difference

  8. Posted by cardashtrader, — Reply

    thank you for the tips

  9. Posted by duncanashleigh04, — Reply

    Does it leave a smell

  10. Posted by locaterudy1, — Reply

    Girl I have a chevy equinox too! I'm gonna have to try this!!

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