Friendly Robot Named Pepper Could Help Seniors


Pepper the robot is being developed to take care of seniors! ---...


  1. Posted by katiebreslin780, — Reply

    He’s having an existential crisis. I’m a cyborg. But only my brain is human. That means I am over 95% machine. Am I a robot? No, it can’t be. Sensei knows I’m a cyborg, but does that make it right? What should I do?

  2. Posted by verolod9, — Reply

    hay que recomendar alternativas para que geno vea su anime :v

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  4. Posted by crazyhuman124, — Reply

    He’s not, he’s a cyborg, I Human with cybernetic enhancements

  5. Posted by ElChorizooziozi, — Reply

    F por Genos

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