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Want a different take on chicken pot pie? This recipe uses biscuits instead of crust, and is so easy to make for your whole family! Packed with lots of flavor!


  1. Posted by amywaters76, — Reply

    this was good and easy I used tyson chicken shred 2 cans mixed veggies and one can large biscuits husband loved it my biscuit cooked just fine in 30 mins

  2. Posted by mollywelch0725, — Reply

    Don’t recommend unless you wanna spend HOURS baking your biscuit. Bake them separately don’t waste your time. RECIPE SHOILD STATE THIS NOT THE COMMENTS.

  3. Posted by heymamamo, — Reply

    The recipe was so bland and the biscuits were burnt on top and uncooked underneath. My veggies were hardly warm as well. Do not recommend at all.

  4. Posted by khlinak, — Reply

    Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who got cold vegetables and burnt and doughy biscuits. Next time I’ll microwave the filling while baking the biscuits. Then I’ll top the casserole with them. Same taste.

  5. Posted by mollywelch0725, — Reply

    Everything but biscuits looks great. I’m sure it’s good. Thanks for wasting my time. Can’t wait for it to be ruined with doughy biscuits. I’ve cooked far more than the time it should be. I flipped the biscuits everything. STATE THIS IS THE RECIPE. Deceiving.

  6. Posted by joedlin19, — Reply

    I cut my biscuits up and cooked them for about 6 minutes before I put them on top and baked for the rest of the time. I also warmed my casserole in a skillet to get the veggies warm before transferring to the baking pan so that the vegetables would be hot when I pulled it out. But it was super delicious! We all loved it😍

  7. Posted by paytonsearle3, — Reply

    I wish I would’ve read the comments first. We had the same problem with the biscuits being dough on the bottoms but tops starting to burn trying to cook the bottoms. I would recommend cooking the biscuits separate next time

  8. Posted by marisagarca, — Reply

    The biscuits did not cook throughout and The bottoms were still dough. I would recommend cooking them separately.

  9. Posted by kddees, — Reply

    I cooked as a casserole first then added biscuits on top and popped back in the oven to cook the biscuits

  10. Posted by mollywelch0725, — Reply

    Worst recipe ever.

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