Crystal Macrame Rear View Mirror Charm // Best Friend Gift You Rock! Birthday Gift // Hanging Crystals Boho Car Accessory for Women New Car


πƒπ„π’π‚π‘πˆππ“πˆπŽπ Each salt rock and each macrame charm is uniquely one of a kind made with 100% food grade, pure Himalayan salt. The colors of the salt rocks differ in shades of pinks, oranges, white, and sometimes a little red. The string is a natural off-white cotton twine. β€’ 𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐓𝐇 Hangs approximately 8 - 9 inches. Rock size varies between 1 inch - 2.5 inches long. The length is short enough that the rock can’t reach the windshield, but of course, I can’t say for sure how much your rock charm will move with typical movement of a car. β€’ Awesome gift for someone with a new car or a birthday reminder of how much she *** ROCKS *** Your macrame Himalayan salt rock / crystal charm will bring good vibes to your day hanging from your car rear view mirror. β€’ * Please note* - The Himalayan salt rock is 100% salt which when exposes to excessive heat or humidity can "sweat" as it absorbs moisture in the air. I can't be responsible for replacing your car charm if this were to happen more than 2 months after shipping. Options for hanging A metallic wire clasp is attached at the top of the twine. The wire clasp opens and closes to allow for attaching around the back of your rear view mirror. It allows you to hang either from your car mirror or wherever makes you smile! β€’ The last photo is from the website of Energy Muse. If you like this item... CHECK OUT THESE ADORABLE MINI HIMALAYAN SALT ROCK KEYCHAINS! ********** PLEASE READ: ********** Due to computer and phone screen differences, colors may vary slightly from the images I feature. All items are handmade by me. Due to the handmade nature of my items and of Himalayan salt rocks, no two charms are exactly the same. Due to the handmade nature of my products, I suggest not attempting to move the rock/crystal as the cotton twine may loosen and the rock/crystal may be prone to slipping out of the string. Your purchase will be safely packaged in a bubble-wrap lined packing envelope 11x8. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns with the status of your purchase. Tracking information is included with your First Class USPS shipping. Thanks for stopping by my shop, SHELTER SHADOW DESIGNS!