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  1. Posted by winsthumb, — Reply

    Usually I go off on people calling others koreaboos but I won't even argue on this; nobody sees a random ass Asian and freaks out, that's only a kboo thing smh

  2. Posted by emmagracemaddox, — Reply

    Bruh please don’t do that- it’s way different if you find someone cute, then it’s normal to be excited, but finding someone cute only because of their race is weird

  3. Posted by berryxkunn, — Reply

    Plz don’t do that , people might think us kpop fans are obsessed with asians.. sum people may find asian FEATURES attractive.. but we don’t want to be seen as koreaboos saying “ oPpA “ all day . Plus it’s disrespectful to asians..

  4. Posted by qupark8, — Reply

    Eww please don’t do this to Korean people. It hurts when people only like you because of your appearance.

  5. Posted by MissMinYoonji, — Reply

    This isn't all Kpop fans???? Not everyone is like this. Just to be clear. Hell, I'm not like this. So cringey.

  6. Posted by angrybobacup07, — Reply

    I think Korean ppl are cute af but if you only like them bc of kpop and other things, don't do that!

  7. Posted by ilovemingispinkhair, — Reply

    Now that’s what you call koreabooism

  8. Posted by lolipoplove56, — Reply

    I'd probably be the friend that tries to stop you and hide my face so nobody would see me

  9. Posted by chika_83, — Reply

    This is so cringey- I mean, it creates a bad reputation of kpop fans. this is 10,000% koreaboo cOnfIrmEd-

  10. Posted by mollyrose9910, — Reply

    See kids this is what we’re not finna do. This is kboo culture and fetishization so let’s go ahead and not

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