Cocaine Bear


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  1. Posted by bucnikita, — Reply

    Guy could hear light and smell sound. He could probably stop the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs if he lived back then. The God amongst all othet animals. For 5 minutes

  2. Posted by MrQuasar, — Reply

    Three kinds of people "Poor bear" people "That's muh bear/damn neat" people "Me and the boys remembering our bear" people

  3. Posted by cassidy8449, — Reply

    Wait a minute this is my news station I live 5 minutes from Lexington how the fuck did I not hear about this

  4. Posted by gianlucaf9, — Reply

    You know what's worse than a bear attacking you?a fucking cocaine addicted bear attacking you

  5. Posted by trent5583, — Reply

    Smokey’s Brother who hates hearing his preventable forest fire bullshit

  6. Posted by realitydoesnotexist, — Reply

    thats my patronus

  7. Posted by sunpony23, — Reply

    Another Disney star down the drain😔 #PrayforPoohBear2k20

  8. Posted by swgdddy, — Reply

    Pablo Escobear

  9. Posted by improbablyafrog, — Reply

    Hold on a minute there LEX18 is my local news station shit why’d I never hear bout this

  10. Posted by poodawooda48, — Reply

    I love how they gave him a pimp hat and gold chains.

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