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101.2K    101.2KShares Let’s talk about slay-worthy bridal gowns for a moment, shall we? The kind of gowns that leave you speechless with their drop-dead gorgeous details, stunning lines, and downright sophistication. That kind of beautiful. Anna Campbell Wedding Dresses from the 2019 Wanderlust Bridal Collection are all of the above and so much more. The go-to bridal designer read more...

15 Responses

  • mbricen1

    I want this one so bad! I feel like it would go great with gold which is my preference like this

  • Anna_lovezU

    They must of put a lot of editing into that photo, but I love it total know out.!!..

  • tianalilygrindlay

    omg, this is the most GORGEOUS dress I have ever seen! x

  • c3936

    Beautiful! You would look so lovely in anything!!!

  • kirstygillo

    Not Rockabilly style but isn’t it so pretty!!

  • chaita87

    The model is so tall

  • Huinbvfd

    kaitlyn you're not white lol

  • celeste_jewelry

    Absolutely stunning!

  • ren1522

    This is gorgeous!

  • brax1686

    Oh I love this

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