Amazing Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken


Amazing Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cαshews 1 Tbsp cαnolα oil ½ tsp blαck pepper 2 Tbsp brown sugαr 4 Tα...


  1. Posted by ktbug372, — Reply

    This will go in my Pinterest Fail folder. I halved the vinegar after other reviews said it was too vinegary. It was not edible. I added a can of pineapple with the juice to help it. Cashew chicken should also not have ketchup...

  2. Posted by elleprimeau23, — Reply

    It was okay. I altered the recipe after tasting it when it was done. I added about 1/3 c. of honey. It improved the initial taste. I plan to make it again, but with more alterations. I'll be adding green onions, which the recipe photo shows but didn't use. I'm also planning to up the honey and add portobello mushrooms.

  3. Posted by piggirl23, — Reply

    Was expecting it to be a lot more flavorful considering all the ingredients in the recipe but it was honestly so bland

  4. Posted by radicalstrengthwithrach, — Reply

    This may sound petty but the font gives me such a headache I can't read the recipe...

  5. Posted by enigma0526, — Reply

    Replace chicken with tofu for a vegetarian alternative

  6. Posted by kcroshier, — Reply

    My picky 83 year old mom LOVES this recipe!!! Me too!!

  7. Posted by dannimcconnell, — Reply

    Pretty much inedible. Very disappointed.

  8. Posted by ksu34ku24, — Reply

    Was a thumbs up at our house!

  9. Posted by larwoodanne, — Reply

    This was amazing! Loved it

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