When business owners go to Disneyland they probably end up headhunting all of the employees out there. That's how dedicated and professional they are. Spotting a guy with a Deadmau5 shirt? Of course Minnie Mouse will react. Meeting a guide dog? Pluto certainly won't miss a chance to pet it.


  1. Posted by sprite777, — Reply

    It's cute, but I know for a fact that Disney does not allow adults to enter parks dressed as thier characters. Its to keep the kids in the park from confusing them for actual park employees.

  2. Posted by mandiekearns, — Reply

    Look through all the pix. Above and beyond what an employee has to do. It takes a special kind of person to work at the Dis i guess.

  3. Posted by lhawk13, — Reply

    - SCAM PIN. - Yep. Like everyone says. NOT TRUE. You aren’t allowed to dress up as a Disney character in the parks. Confuses people. This pin is false and probably a scam.

  4. Posted by 999thhappyhaunt, — Reply

    I once went dressed as a pirate and when Alice from the Alice in wonderland float was coming around she said something like “oh no a pirate” it was a long time ago so I don’t remember exactly what she said

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  6. Posted by MoeMargret, — Reply

    I feel like the Anna we see in the movies would be so excited to see somebody matching. She would be that girl who yells "twinsies!" When you're even just wearing the same COLOR shirt lol Thats just the energy she has

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  8. Posted by flametheseraph, — Reply

    Ain't no one gonna believe my ass but I know the woman playing Elsa lol, she does a lot of the female characters for Disney.

  9. Posted by Summertea217, — Reply

    Pff.. She has expressions like an actual animation from Disney 😁

  10. Posted by clarakisiel, — Reply

    omg that is soooo great she (obviously not the same lady) did the same thing to me because i was wearing a Frozen hoody

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