Aesthetic photo wall collage kit! 150 photos


This wall collage kit includes 150 - 4 x 6 pictures--what you see here is just a small sample of what you will receive! When you order you can choose your photo finish--matte or glossy. These high-quality prints are the perfect way to make your wall pop! They are ready to hang and you can arrange the prints to your preference. ***(Check out my other listings to find this set in other themes) *I recommend using poster putty to stick to a wall *I do not own the images.


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    hey everyone! this post is so cute! 🥺 if anyone could help my chances with winning a contest with my sister on who can get the most pinterest followers, that would mean the world to me. thanks, have an amazing day 😊

  2. Posted by j3ssmill, — Reply

    love this, check out my page for more 🍓🍓

  3. Posted by betzabeltolico, — Reply

    hey can I use this and give you credit?

  4. Posted by spellermonkey101, — Reply

    Could I use this for a case?

  5. Posted by moonyshouse, — Reply

    Hey guys I made some wallpapers, can I get an honest opinion?🦋❣️

  6. Posted by graceevelynrose, — Reply

    I make custom wallpapers!! DM me if you want me to make you one!!

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