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  1. Posted by sunshinekookies, — Reply

    is there suddenly a limit on how many words you can text? is she choosing to ration digital expression and ignore the bounds of time and space?? "too much thank sorry" pour me a shot of calcified bleach before i gouge my eyes out por favor fucking christ

  2. Posted by flailwhale, — Reply

    She probably got the decimal confused with a comma. In some countries they write out 1000 as 1.000 instead of 1,000. The seller could have also at least written out the price so that the buyer could put it into Google translate to see how much it was. Just putting "1000" by itself may not always work.

  3. Posted by andioop001, — Reply

    Also can y'all NOT make fun of person buying the cars speaking ability?? It's one thing to laugh at how much she was willing to pay, it's another to insult her English. Edit: I'm not debating this. If you do this, just block me now, because YOU ARE AN ARSEHOLE.

  4. Posted by amyferg, — Reply

    Weird. Earlier today was slightly distressed about someone putting a decimal period where no decimal would ever be needed

  5. Posted by kelsiejayneee, — Reply


  6. Posted by andioop001, — Reply

    She probably thought he said 10,000 haha

  7. Posted by Juampicreed, — Reply

    maybe he/she speaks spanish and thought it was one dollar

  8. Posted by ilzeriekstins, — Reply

    You should have ended the conversation when they spelled ‘buying ‘ like that.

  9. Posted by Kurameno, — Reply

    I have a feeling she was drunk typing the first message lol

  10. Posted by asuncionmark09, — Reply

    You should have said $999.00

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