10-Minute Thai Basil Chicken (Easy Gai Pad Krapow)


This Thai basil chicken recipe takes just 3 minutes to prepare and 7 minutes to cook. Served along with steamed rice, it's restaurant food, fast.


  1. Posted by jwiseman101, — Reply

    Excellent! Instead of Thai chilies, I used red bell pepper. Great substitution if you have little who don’t like spice. Will try as a lettuce wrap filling next.

  2. Posted by sveltebrigand, — Reply

    Its deceptively delicious. How can so few ingredients make such a slamming good meal?! It just does, ok. Also, find actual Thai basil at your Asian market if at all possible, the peppy flavor profile is different than sweet basil found at most grocery stores.

  3. Posted by ssuh112, — Reply

    Really delicious and quick recipe. People watching out for sodium watch out. This is a salt bomb, particularly the fish sauce (over 1k miligrams of sodium!!!).

  4. Posted by calliegates1, — Reply

    Loved it! Sub red bell pepper for the chili peppers and didn't have a shallot so we used an onion. Would definitely make again. Might try adding some green beans for a vegetable

  5. Posted by 2bissy, — Reply

    Amazing as written! Next time may add veggies (zucchini, mushroom, green beans). A little salty, but so very delicious. Add to rotation. So fast.

  6. Posted by kev_holmes26, — Reply

    Threw this together after work. Will definitely make this one again. My wife and I loved it. Our somewhat picky kids (7 & 2) ate it. When we make it again, we'll double the size for leftovers.

  7. Posted by thetaoofsteff, — Reply

    This was delicious. I used liquid aminos to make it gluten free. I felt like it was missing a touch of ginger. Will add next time.

  8. Posted by libbykuziel, — Reply

    This is a favorite easy meal of mine!! So delicious and so quick. Be sure to have everything ready to go because it is very fast paced! I also add a bell pepper thinly sliced and sometimes even some mushrooms just to add some veggies to it. And the Thai basil is so important— try ordering some dried or frozen blocks of it online if your stores don’t carry Thai basil

  9. Posted by kashi_mzl, — Reply

    Ewwww what the hell did you make me eat???!!! I guess I will have some snack for dinner tonight. Too late to cook now.

  10. Posted by kmiller8830, — Reply

    used 1/2 yellow onion instead of shallots, used 7 tsp of chili paste instead of hot chilis, added a red pepper

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